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NightCap Cocktail Kit is a new home cocktail experience delivered straight to your door


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make cocktails at your house? But don’t know how to start or what you need?

NightCap is a new cocktail experience. You’re immersed into an environment designed to awaken all five senses—taste, sound, touch, smell and sight as you build your cocktail. You are in control of your cocktail experience. Further exploring new ways to find your new favorite drink and be able to recreate that drink at home.

Each box includes all of the ingredients for 12 cocktails (4 from each recipe). Everything you need we supply; syrups, dried garnishes, mixers, citrus is included; you just add the liquor.

It’s a question we are asked often: Why isn’t the alcohol included in your cocktail subscription box?

We have a few good answers:

UTAH is a control state, so with legislation we need to be voting the right people in. (get involved in your local Government).

It sucks and we know it, but it is to your advantage. No need to wait around for us to deliver, you won’t wait for someone 21+ to receive it. 

You learn more, in addition to enjoying your own home made cocktails; you’re branching out to learn about different spirits you may not know you like. Better bang for your buck, you buy your liquor at the store you’re not paying us for marking it up and delivering it to you. So you can keep supporting your local distilleries.

NightCap - why

We want to help you discover some of the most popular classic cocktail recipes, our fresh ingredients, and bartending tricks to create the very best cocktails at home. Crack open the cocktail box dust off the glasses and get some friends over for a round of truly spectacular drinks.

Monthly to your door

Fresh mixer

Fresh is always better

Organic herbs

Large aroma

Dehydrated fruits

Produce stronger aroma and flavor

Instruction card

Instruction card for each cocktail


What is a Nightcap?

A Nightcap is a drink to end your night. You’ve been working all day, busy with the family. This cocktail creation box brings you the convenience of fresh, amazing cocktails to your home.

Who can purchase a Nightcap?

Anybody can purchase! The legal drinking age is 21+ we provide the mixers to amazing cocktails but, sure you can make them mock-tail too with a little customization of the recipes.

Why Dehydrated Fruit?

Dehydrating fruit keeps longer and prevents waste. It also produces a stronger aroma and flavor in your drink. By removing the water it results in higher concentration of all the flavorful compounds. 

What the hell is going on?

We can’t answer this question for everyone. But we are all in it together so CHEERS!

Where can we get bar supplies that you recommend in the recipes?

Good news! We offer bar kits for you! Click here to purchase your very own bar kit.

Here is a list of items you should have on hand: 

  • Jigger – to accurately measure liquid
  • Bar spoon – to stir drinks, some feature a ‘hammer’ on one end to muddle ingredients
  • Bottle opener/corkscrew
  • Muddler – to press ingredients against glass to imbue flavor
  • Shaker – to shake cocktails and mix other drinks
  • Strainer – to create a smooth drink finish
  • A paring knife- to cut fruit.
  • Citrus peeler
  • Pour spout for alcohol bottles
  • Glassware
When does the box ship?

If you are local to Salt Lake City our  turnaround time is 48hrs to your door within SLC proper. Shipping the box depends on the carrier’s choices. We ship fresh ingredients that we want to get to you asap. Orders placed by Wednesday will go out Monday. 

Subscriptions will go out once a month.